Selling a buy-to-let property? Transferring a property to your children? Thinking of selling business assets? Yes the tax man will be ready to come knocking again!

Capitals Gains Tax is exactly what it states. It is tax that is due on the gain (or profit) made on the sale of an asset, most commonly seen on buy-to-let properties. Capital Gains Tax can be very costly, especially when combined with your income tax. Thousands of landlords and property investors in particular pay far too much tax when they sell their properties because they do not know how to properly offset CGT.

Luckily, it’s perfectly possible and compliant to massively reduce your capital gains tax bill with the right expertise.

This is where Abbeygate Accountancy offer a full range of services which include looking at:

  • Shares and investments
  • Property
  • Estate gains
  • Trust gains
  • Revenue enquiries and investigations

Don’t let your gain cost you money! Leave us to do the gaining for you.

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