Whether you are a small to medium sized business or a self-employed individual, you may find yourself trying to track down payment from a customer who has an outstanding invoice.

As with any business, cashflow is vital to survive. Without cashflow a business can suffocate and there are many factors to improving your cash flow in order to enable your business to grow. A key element to healthy cash flow is settling any outstanding debt that is owed to your business.

Here at Abbeygate Accountancy, we want to take this stress and worry away from you to not only ease your workload but deliver the funds that you have worked hard for.

Below are some of the debt chasing services we offer:

  • Undisclosed Credit Control
  • Sales Ledger Management
  • Insolvency Book Debt Collection
  • Company/Land Registry Searches
  • Status Reports & Credit Check
  • Enquiry Agents & Tracing Services

We know this can be a sensitive area and we take every precaution to ensure all debt management is handled in a professional and sympathetic manner.

Let us retrieve the hard-earned funds you deserve, call our team today.

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