Management Accounts are key to being able to see the health of your business at any given moment. For small to medium sized businesses this typically includes a profit and loss account, balance sheet, cash flow statements followed by a summary report. You may be asking, but why do I need them?

We have outlined four key benefits to Abbeygate Accountancy Management Accounts:

  • Plan tax and dividend payments
  • Make more informed decisions based on current data
  • Measure performance of your business and individuals
  • Detect Fraud within your business

These are just a drop in the ocean to how beneficial management accounts are. Think of it like your bank balance, it may appear healthy but what if someone took the time to analyse patterns, behaviours and errors – how much could you save?

This is exactly where we step in, not only will we produce the accounts, but also advise and guide on our findings. WIN WIN!

Do you want a health check of your business? Would you like to be able to forecast for the future? Then get in touch today.

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