R&D Credits

Research & Development (R&D) tax credits are available to UK companies who are carrying out R&D as part of their trading activities – but do you know how to claim them?

Here at Abbeygate Accountancy, we help you gain access to cash or reduce your tax bill. Sounds good doesn’t it? We believe that every business should be rewarded for their innovation and R&D Tax Credits have the power to transform your business. It is a complex process and understandably very few businesses know how to utilise this lucrative incentive, but the expert team at Abbeygate Accountancy are here to help.

Here are just a few areas where we seek R&D expenditure:

  • Staff, including salaries, employer’s NIC, pension contributions and reimbursed expenses
  • Subcontractors and freelancers
  • Materials and consumables including heat, light and power that are used up or transformed by the R&D process
  • Software

If you would like to be rewarded for your innovation and fuelled to expand then we are ready to get started.

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